Defenders serve with distinction in a wide variety of military roles including battlefield surveillance, counter-insurgency, ISTAR, maritime patrol and counter-terrorism.

Designed to perform a wide range of demanding roles, the Defender is in service with government and law enforcement agencies all over the world.

Specialist detection equipment, radars, scanning systems and cameras can be installed internally or externally from four underwing hardpoints.

High resolution cameras can also be installed through apertures in the aircraft floors or doors. Advanced communications systems on board enable ground action to be co-ordinated during crime detection, interception and arrest.

Extended Endurance

The Defender’s range and endurance surpasses that of all UK Police helicopters employed on similar missions. The endurance of the Defender allows for complete mission coverage for the majority of police crime detection and interception operations.

The Defender Offers:

  • Four underwing hardpoints for external stores and ordnance
  • Secure communications for battlefield command and control
  • Overland and maritime search radar
  • State of the art HD IR/TV cameras with laser rangefinders
  • Fully integrated defensive aid suites such as MAWS, DIRCM, chaff and flares
  • Additional fuel capacity for long range/endurance missions
  • Operates readily from 350m unprepared strips including beaches, jungle clearings and grass

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