The original Islander was designed to allow ease of access on short-haul sectors to remote locations and has been extremely successful in achieving that role both cost effectively and efficiently. Building on that original concept, the Islander has since been through a series of product refinements.

The latest version of the Islander includes enlarged baggage bay door options, 3-bladed scimitar propellers, low drag fairings, modern interior, all new ergonomically designed leather seats, on board entertainment options and club seating arrangements.

Britten-Norman’s bespoke design philosophy is based on an understanding that all customers have individual requirements.

The design programme is completely personalised allowing the customer to remain involved with every aspect of the aircraft’s manufacture, right up to the finishing touches.

The Islander Offers:

  • Low direct operating costs and minimal maintenance
  • An uninterrupted square section fuselage and flat cabin floor for rapid reconfiguration for a number of roles including cargo, air ambulance and parachuting
  • Extremely stable platform suitable for photographic and survey work
  • Under-wing hard points can support pods or spray booms

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