Islander Action

To celebrate the Islander's versatility we are seeking video clips of the Islander thriving in its natural environment.

Are you operating in an unusual or remote location? Are you making use of the Islander's rugged capabilities for an unusual mission? #IslanderAction is all about capturing and sharing your experiences.

To help you to record footage of your operations, we are looking for budding videographers who will help us capture a range of moments in your example of a unique Islander day. To help you, we will send you a water resistant GoPro 'Session' action camera and ask you to be as creative and adventurous as you can be in capturing these great moments. All that we ask is that you send us the footage from the included SD card, which we will retain for our own image and video bank under our copyright.

From the start of your day to your last landing, we want to see you and your aircraft, whether on the ground or in flight, with your team, your surroundings and during your operations. We want to see everything about how you make the most of the Islander, all captured on this tiny, robust and reliable point of view camera.

The files we receive back will be edited into short clips by our professional film company to create engaging footage to be used for promotional purposes, online and on social media.

As a thank you for helping with this project we will give you access and a licence to use the final edited clips so that you can also use these if you would like to! We will also leave you with the GoPro 'Session' action camera as a gift to you from Britten-Norman.

If you are an Islander owner or operator and would like to be involved in the project, please apply by sending us your details via the 'Take Part' button on the right hand side.

We think the Islander is a great aeroplane but it is you, the owners and operators, that make it a success. We hope you will help us with this incredible, international project by sharing your day.

Who's taking part?